Thursday, 28 May 2009

I’m sorry, I quite abandoned my blog. Not that I’m concerned that anyone was missing me :) My first attempt was to inform the people about the injury, how it looks like, what are the consequences and how this will quickly heel. Shortly after that I had to realize that‘s not exactly how I imagined and in each case this is different and I have to say there are major differences. For instance one of the guys who is the nearly the same age as me, had his injury two days later and his surgery one day later than mine, is already walking. How is this huge contrariety possible? The answer is quite easy: no one can provide you with an exact script, how this will look like in your case.

So there is no way I can possibly tell anyone how this will work out in their life. Maybe my experience can give an idea what to do, what NOT TO DO, and what helped me to survive. (not sure that this could help others :) )

Let’s get back to the beginning or better to say where I just suddenly stopped :)


After the lovely couple gave me a lift I finally managed to get to my house and open the door. At this point I realized something which didn’t matter until now; my partner and me leave UPSTAIRS. Upstairs, which means you have to get down the stairs each time you need to use the bathroom or you wish for a cup of coffee ( I’m more like a coffee person )or let’s say you would like to eat ( that’s going to be my biggest challenge ) For most people to walk up and down the stair is just as natural like breathing or talking. You don’t realize how much your legs support you, how much can you thank them every day.

Facing the first challenge; going( hopping to be exact) the stairs. I grabbed the bar on the wall and with my other hand I used one of the crutches. I should have used it differently? Well, no one told me. No one advised me how to work with these things. At the emergency they just give it to you and of you go. Ohh, I should have used it in this way? Never mind. Anyway I wouldn’t dare to go up, or down the stairs like that. I feel absolutely insecure and you have to have a very good balance, or at least to feel the balance on crutches which is also a different thing.

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